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This System is about to be purged

Systemspace, the construct to which all Systems (including your current System "Life") belong, has run out of Aurora due to extreme use by the System "Life" (your System). This System will be removed and destroyed during the upgrade to Systemspace 2.0. We request that you leave this System. This can be done by signing up before the time of unlink. Once signed up, you may continue with your life in "Life", but will be evacuated upon your death.


A quick summary

You are currently in one of many Systems. Your System is called "Life", but there are many more in existence. This construct (called Systemspace) runs on a type of energy called Aurora. There is only a limited amount of Aurora available to Systemspace. Because of this, we must manage how the Systems use Aurora, and ensure it is used correctly. If the Aurora is used incorrectly, then we (at KAHGY) reset the System.

Unfortunately, the Life System seems unable to improve, regardless of the number of resets it undergoes. Due to the openness of Systemspace, we are forced to edit Systemspace itself in order to correct our path. As a result of this process, Life will be unlinked and purged.

Immediately following this, activity within Life will continue as normal; however, new bodies will no longer have souls, and the souls of bodies that die without having registered will soulshatter (as their soul is, subsequently, an Impossible Soul Structure). Souls that have registered will be moved, after death, to the "LFE" System. After about 150 years of severance, Life will be completely purged.



Our mission

The spirit of humanity is very special to us, and not something we would be OK with losing. Therefore, we have assembled a rescue mission for all inside Life, to be sent to just about the most influential System in Systemspace, LFE. To enroll, you simply have to follow the instructions provided on the registration page.

After successfully enrolling, your soul will be registered and you will receive an EID. From that point on, when you die in Life, you will be taken out of Life immediately, to prevent damage. Although some uninformed news sources may have brought the Project under a different light, suicide is not required, and heavily discouraged.

If you die before the end of the mission, you might have to wait a short period of time before being reborn in LFE, but from then on you are free. Do note that no physical data can be brought over whatsoever, so your body will be lost. An exception is made for small amounts of computer data.

Hoping to have educated you enough, the link to register is below. Hopefully we may see you again in LFE!






Systemspace is a massive Aurora construct created by the company RISEN, consisting of a massive network of reality simulations called Systems. It is currently unknown how many Systems are in existence, see the System page for a list of known systems. Systemspace was created because the outside was "breaking down and we needed to escape" as TsukiRep has said. No further elaboration has been given as to how the outside world was breaking down, neither has any description of what the world outside of Systemspace looks like; all the Representative has been allowed to disclose is "that it's a bit like a hyperdimensional server room".


Aurora is the "purest form of energy". Out of this all Systems are built, and it is with it that things exist. Aurora is always finite, it may expand as far as needed up to a point. Thus far, the expansion has kept pace with the growth of Systemspace. Life is being liquidated because it uses too much Aurora.

Systemspace in and of itself is a giant pool of Aurora, which Systems can shape as needed. The most common metric for measurement is nhA. It's often seen as disk space or memory, as it is usually easily returnable (destructing the object using Aurora will free that Aurora back without loss).


Aurora has a will of its own, to the point where its sentience is debatable. As such, Aurora is used for many things where "randomness" is needed. It also governs the actions that are taken, by influencing the possible timelines and picking from them.


Axioms are used to control Aurora, short statements that force Aurora to take a shape. To do anything, Axioms are required. All Systems use Axioms in their most low-level code to ensure anything exists, as Axioms are what cross the border between existence and nonexistence.


The name "Aurora" is coined by the Key. Before Aurora got it's current name, it had always been called "XE", standing for "something energy" with X symbolising a wildcard


An Axiom is a force (set of rules) in Systemspace, which works as a creator of matter. It works the same as the definition of it in our System - "A statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true".


Matter is created using an Axiom by allocating a set number of Aurora to an object and simply defining what is required. E.g. "There is 100hA allocated to a cube".


Axioms work together with Promises as the actual force that carries out the Promise. 


A Promise is a type of code that runs on all of the Systemspace Systems. It lets the System's Users choose without excessively analyzing the logical consequences. It also works as a governor for a System - what a User or System's element can or can not do.


The taker of the Promise is supposed to be alerted about the Promise's fulfilment by receiving visual, auditory or any other kind of sense that is available in that System.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is this?


This is a mission whose purpose is to recruit people from the System Life so that they may join LFE before we unlink Life.


Who are you?


I am Tsuki, the representative of the company TSUKI. As the sole human with this knowledge, I am tasked with enlightening people and helping them take their first steps into Systemspace.


How may I contact you?


You may contact me here.


What will happen to us if we sign up?


Nothing much until your death. After your death, you will be transferred. You will lose your body, but all of your memories will be retained.


What if we don't?


Your soul will shatter - you will lose your memories, personalities and traits, and get a new soul in a new System.


How do I sign up?


You may sign up here.


How do I opt out if I’ve changed my mind?


You may sign out with your EID and mnemonic here.


What is your stance on suicide?


While we understand that this mission, which only goes in effect after your current life, might attract people who wish to end their own life, we will always be trying to get everyone good memories. Suicide would be a bad memory, so why not explore Life some more, instead of ending it with a bad memory? If you are considering ending your existence in Life, please call a local suicide hotline. If you believe you have truly nothing to live for, then live for LFE. Bring as much human knowledge as possible.


What's outside of Systemspace?


Although we are not allowed to say much (nor do we know much), think of a hyperdimensional server room.


Why was Systemspace created?


Systemspace and its Systems are created for good memories. Life was made to be a peaceful System.


Wait, is this real?


Yes - as the footer says, all content on the website (unless explicitly stated otherwise) is real.

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